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Every year, an increasingly higher number of Americans are taking on the journey of moving overseas. The instant access of information and the ease of communication nowadays has made it easier than ever for people to relocate. At KOZROG, we too are taking advantage of the modern day's way of doing things and are offering expats an easy and convenient way of providing professional tax services. As tax advisors, we are here not just to file your return, but to be your tax resource when needed.

  • Complete package of Expat tax services

  • One-on-one direct contact with your CPA

  • Transparent fee structure

  • Easy, convenient and secure process

Small Businesses:

Successful business owners value their time. They would rather devote more of it to their clients than dealing with service providers. This is why Kozrog is offering a valuable all-in-one accounting solution, designed to save you time and money by eliminating the need to manage various providers. However, the main reason that gives us an advantage is that we are not just service providers, we are advisers. As a financial partner we work with our client's best interest in mind, constantly looking for savings opportunities and ways for improvement.


  • Variety of essential accounting services

  • Affordable CPA expertise

  • Flexible arrangements

More and more people are becoming accustomed to the convenience of online services - online banking, online investing and even doing taxes online. Unlike a human professional, however, self-prepare tax softwares are not designed to analyze your specific tax station as a whole and advise you on how to get to the best possible tax answer now and in the future. The advantage of a good accountant over an online software is undeniable. Here is why Kozrog Consult brings the best of both worlds - the reliability of a CPA combined with the convenience of an online service. 


  • Easy, convenient and secure process

  • Unincorporated business owner services

  • Electronic Filing

  • Transparent fee structure


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Recommend our services and receive a $75 credit  towards your next tax preparation service.

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