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    n light of our goal to make the tax filing process a more simplified experience for expats we have adopted a fixed-fee structure. Transparent pricing allows clients to budget properly and prevents any unexpected billings. Our standard federal return package is designed to fit most expats' tax needs. If after reviewing your situation we find that your filing requirements go beyond what is included in our standard package, we will present you with a final quote before we start working on your return.


How other firms may bill you:

Some firms base their pricing on "billable hours" and bill you based on the hours they've spent preparing you return. They may give you a "rough" estimate up front, but there is no way to know exactly how much their services would cost until after they've done all the work. So if things take longer than expected, you might end up stuck with a bill and possibly a sticker shock at the end. Other firms that offer flat-fee pricing might advertise a low base price but be aware of what gets included in that price; you might find that certain common forms are not covered and that you would have to pay for multiple additional forms and schedules.

Our Standard Package Fees:

U.S. Expats - Current Year Filing


Individual Federal Tax Return - $390

  • Includes Standard Forms and Schedules such as Forms 1040, 2555, 1116, Schedules A, B, D and E (including up to 10 interest, dividend and brokerage transactions and up to one rental property)


Individual State Tax Return - $130

  • We will help you determine your state filing obligation.


FBAR - $85

  • Required if you had foreign bank accounts with maximum combined value of $10,000 at any point during the year.

  • Up to 10 bank accounts ($10 for each additional account)


FATCA - $115

  • Required if your specified foreign assets exceed certain limits.

  • Up to 10 accounts ($10 for each additional account)


Prior Years Tax Returns - $280



Non-Resident US Tax Return


Form 1040NR - $470



U.S. Informational Returns for Foreign Entities


Foreign Corporation Form 5471 - $500-$900


Foreign Disregarded Entity Form 8858 - $500-$900


Foreign Partnership Form 8865 - Contact us for pricing

What to expect:

  1. Our simple tax preparation process is designed to make things easy for you.

  2. You will work directly with a knowledgeable CPA to get the most accurate and money-saving results.

  3. We treat our clients with respect and pay personal attention to every individual client to make sure we understand your needs and exceed your expectations.

  4. We understand how important personal data security is nowadays. This is why we work with the latest security standards on both the software and hardware side.

Referral Program:

Making our clients happy is what we work hard for every day! Recommending our services to your friends is the biggest form of recognition for us. Help a friend who has possibly just moved overseas or has lived abroad and has struggled to find a good tax adviser for a long time and we will give you $75 dollar credit towards your next tax preparation services.

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