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      oving abroad! Taking on the adventure to explore other parts of the world, to experience new culture, new food, new environment, and new people. But besides exciting, “new” can also be overwhelming, because some of the things you don't want changing will also change... such as your taxes. Like it wasn't hard enough to figure them out the first time around.


If you are an American planning on moving overseas or have already done so, this FREE PDF guide will help answer some of the questions you may have about how your move will impact your U.S. taxes. The guide contains helpful practical information about the type of deductions and credits available to you to minimize your tax liability. It also provides helpful planning tips so when tax filing time comes you are well prepared.  

U.S. Tax Guide

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Major topics covered:


  • Obligation to File U.S. Tax Return While Living Abroad

  • Filing Due Dates

  • Foreign Earned Income and Housing Deductions

  • Foreign Tax Credits

  • Social Security, Medicare and State Taxes

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