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Our approach...

In an age where products and technology are designed to make our lives more convenient, somehow time is just never enough. People are constantly struggling to find time for family and friends, while managing busy and ever demanding work schedules. Time has become a valuable resource giving convenience-oriented businesses a cutting-edge. This is why Kozrog offers a simple process allowing for flexibility when you need it.


By registering on our website you are letting us know that you are interested in our services. You will receive an email with instructions on how to sign up for our secure client portal. The portal is where you will exchange documents with your accountant. It is a conviniet and secure place equiped with multiple levels of protection which makes it safer than e-mail. No need to make copies, go to the post office or drive to our office. Not only will the information get to us faster but you will have electronic copies for your files so you don't go shuffling through a pile of paper when you need to find that one document. 


The next step is to gather all necessary information and documentation needed for your tax return. But how do you know what's relevant? Upon your registration we will upload a tax organizer to your client portal. The organizer will guide you though a series of questions and will indicate what type of documents to upload (e.g. W-2 forms, mortgage statements, 1099s, etc.) You don't have to complete the organizer all at once. If you don't have the time or are missing a piece of information, you can save the file and come back to it later. It's important to answer the questions as completely as possible to make sure you we have the information needed to determine your deductions and credits. 


You get to choose how to communicate with your accountant during the preparation process. We are available through phone, e-mail, and in person if you are in the Northern Virginia area. At this point we will answer any questions you may have, provide you with tax saving tips and may ask you for additional information in needed. After you return is prepared we will upload a copy to the portal along with a summary write up (tax forms can be hard to read) about your return. 



Upon your approval we will process your return for filing. Almost all returns can be e-filed, with the exception of a few which may need to be mailed. After your return has been approved we will upload a finalized copy to your folder on our portal.

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